Making a Plant Bundle

I’ve made some step-by-step instructions on how to make a plant bundle. This is specifically for The Warrior’s Call event Plant Spirit Essences: Protective offerings from four directions but this is basically the same as making any saining stick, so is worth keeping for future reference, if this is new to you.



Step 1: Gather your plants and roll up your small piece of paper that you have drawn the sigil on. Get some natural fibre gardening twine, the length of your arm, from fingertip to shoulder, and double it over



Step 2: Gather the plants together, with the sigil inside them



Step 3: Fold the bundle in half lengthways, keeping the sigil inside, and lay this over the twine with the folded end of the bundle near the loop in the twine



Step 4: Thread the twine through the loop and pull it tight, to keep the bundle together. Then criss-cross the pieces of string round the bundle til the end and tie it off



Step 5: when it has been tied together in one direction, do the same the opposite way round



Step 6: You will then have something like this. Cut off the loose ends of string and tidy up any bits from the bundle that are loose – just making it visually pleasing.



Step 7: You now have your finished offering bundle. This can also be explained as a ‘good luck charm’ if you get asked about it and are stuck for what to say



Keep the size fairly small, remember it needs to be hidden when you finally give it as an offering, and you may want to do this without drawing attention to yourself

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